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Reaching out for help is such a difficult thing for anyone to do, but especially if you are sitting in shame. However, it is important to seek help in your healing journey. Very few can do it on their own, and realistically, no one should ever have to. If we do not heal what hurt us, we can bleed that pain onto other people. Depending on where you are in your journey, the help you might seek out would be different.

It is important that the help you seek is appropriate. Seek out people who have a combination of lived experience and academic knowledge. Seek out somewhere you feel safe. Trauma is a buzz word at the moment - everyone is touting the latest proven methods (including us) - be careful, be discerning. Ask questions. Find out what each professional’s perspective on trauma and healing is. If it resonates with you, give it a try. Not every person, nor every method, will be for you. That is okay. Don’t give up.

Start with your doctor, or books, or a local health centre, or oganisations like this one. You might start with a support group. Or by telling a friend or partner. The important thing is to start. Healing isn’t easy, but it is possible.

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