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My Story

It is well regarded that sharing our story helps us to heal our trauma. However, it is not always easy to just blurt our story out and we may not want every person in our lives to know what happened to us.

We also need to feel safe and we need to feel supported.

My Story is a safe place for you to share your story in writing. You might share a couple of sentences, a narrative, a part of it, anything you feel called to share. You might choose to be anonymous online or to put your initials or a pseudonym.


The choice belongs to you.

If you would like to share your story, please email it to Please include your full name, date of birth, and a mobile contact number.

We will collect your contact information for our records and they will remain confidential. We do not offer counselling support through My Story.

If you need support, you may contact us through Messenger or

If you require emergency support, please contact 000. Alternatively, you can contact one of the following helplines (click on a phone number below to call):

Blue Knot Foundation (Open 9am - 5pm): 1300 657 380

Lifeline (Open 24/7)13 11 14

Beyond Blue (Open 24/7): 1300 224 636

NSW Mental Health Line1800 011 511

Full Stop Rape Crisis (Open 24/7): 1800 385 578

How to share your


As a victim of sexual assault and/or abuse, we can often feel that this is all that there is to who we are. #me aims to empower victims and survivors by providing a platform for them to own the totality of who they are. #me is a safe space for all people (victims, survivors and allies) to share a little bit about themselves.

You may contribute a photo of yourself or a montage of images or a lone image to represent who you are. You do not have to use your name, but you would share details about who you are, separate to the sexual trauma. See the example from our Founder, Tina.

Hashtags should include at least one of the following: #reportedsurvivor, #unreportedsurvivor, #survivorsally, #tbbially


If you would like to share your #me, please email it to Please include your full name, date of birth, and a mobile contact number.


I am Tina

I am a teacher, writer, mentor, witch.

I am a sister and an aunt, a best friend and a soul mate.

#i am an advocate

#i am healing

#i am an unreported survivor.

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