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Custom Chic Boutique


Custom Chic Boutique

0418 896 697


My name is Leah and I'm the owner of Custom Chic Boutique.

I work full-time in disability whilst raising our beautiful blended family of 6 children. 


Custom Chic came to fruition in February 2022. I was wanting more for myself, wanting to put energy into something that would make my heart burst. As much as I love my current job, I didn't want to be tied down to full-time hours, missing valuable moments with my children. 


Every piece I create comes from the heart, and I hope you love my pieces as much as I do. 


My aim is to create memorable items that make you smile, all whilst giving back to my community. 


I'm so very proud to be able to donate to The Blue Butterfly institute, and to be able to support in any way I can.

Custom Chic Boutique
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