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Grounded Flow Yoga & Meditation


Grounded Flow Yoga & Meditation


My name is Linz and I own and run Grounded Flow Yoga and Meditation based in Buxton in the Wollondilly Shire.

I solely created and designed the Trauma Informed Six Week Yoga Series to hold space for and support students with trauma and mental health challenges. Coming from a lived experience of multiple sexual assaults, depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma, I sincerely believe that yoga was a vital tool in supporting me while moving through my struggles, trauma and along my journey, even today.

Trauma Informed Yoga is a gentle practice that recognises principles to provide a space that feels and is safe, gentle, supportive, compassionate, caring, empathic, taking into account triggers, and endeavouring to remove any aspects that may impact the student in a detrimental way.

It is also empowering. It is a journey of recognition, acceptance, understanding, growing and moving forward in your story with empowerment, support and a space where the student is heard and seen as they truly are, recognising and supporting their journey from where they have been to where the student aspires to be.

I have offered this series to The Blue Butterfly Institute’s clients as the Institute has been a dear and close ally to myself for the last two years. It is with the greatest honour that I can offer this service to other clients of the Institute and share space with them as we all continue on our healing journeys, which I feel are a constant ebb and flow. It would be a privilege to share space and Trauma Informed Yoga with fellow survivors, creating what could be bonds and growing alongside each other.

I hope to share space and see you on the mat soon,


Grounded Flow Yoga & Meditation
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