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Tia Veech


Tia Veech is a passionate Aromatherapist who works in the natural therapies field and is involved in her local community. Having worked in secretarial, public service and for a race club, Tia found joy in natural therapies after a car accident left her unable to pursue office work. Tia’s life-long dream was to teach which saw Tia run a family day care service in her home for 5 years after her miracle babies came along but she now channels her teaching back into aromatherapy and is a Silver Leader with her company.

Tia is a wife and mother of 2 and has volunteered in many roles including currently assisting Shining Stars Foundation with an outreach food program weekly in Wollondilly. Other roles have included being a founding member of the Dilly Drought Drive advocating for over 25 local farmers and raising over $1mil worth of support for them. Tia was also part of the original board during the setup of the local Community Pantry.

Tia is a current member of the Board of Directors of Picton & Districts Community Bank having previously served as Chair for 4 years during which time the Bank hit profitability for the first time and paid dividends to the shareholders. Tia now sits on the marketing & sponsorship committee. Tia is actively involved in a couple of networking groups and has a leadership role with the Macarthur Women with Altitude and organises and facilitates the regular monthly day events for Wollondilly Women in Business.

Tia is involved with a social media group called Communities with a Purpose who advocate and assist any and all small charities helping raise awareness and championing for their cause. Through this Tia was one of the volunteers behind the Driveways at Dawn initiative in 2020 and also The Wear it Yellow Day committee to say thank you to all the firefighters.

Tia is proud to be a founding member of The Blue Butterfly Institute working along aside an amazing team of women whose dream it is to empower others to find their voice and raise awareness and create change so that all victims can become proud survivors.

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